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Algorithm visualization of multi energy image

In a conventional chest radiography in the picture are always images of soft tissue and bone. Multi-energy technology allows to obtain separate images of soft tissue and bone during a single examination, significantly improves the diagnosis and minimizes the radiation dose.

Development of algorithms for noise reduction and visualization of multi-energy research at one of the priority tasks of the company

Research on the effectiveness tomosinteticheskoy reconstruction depending on the parameters of inspection and radiation exposure
In conventional radiography, general purpose linear layered imaging allows to obtain images of the object, but in a single pass radiator creates an image of only one slice. As a result, in case of need to obtain cross-sectional images of the lung procedure is carried out not less than 20 times, which leads to a significant increase in the radiation load on the patient and the duration of the procedure. The technology of digital tomosynthesis produces cross-sectional images of the whole object in a single pass of the radiator with minimum strain on the patient's dose.
The project includes the study and definition of optimum parameters of tomosinteticheskih surveys, development requirements to means of implementation of this method as a part of the X-ray diagnostic equipment produced in Russia